Fact 1

55% of all Americans own stock

In April of 2019, Gallop found that 55% of all Americans reported own stock either directly or as part of their 401k. As access to technology increases and trading becomes easier, this number is expected to continue growing.

Fact 2

Investors wanna own real estate

A poll by cnbc found that the average investor believes real estate is the best long term investment. Unfortunately high initial costs prevent the average American from investing in real estate despite a desire to.


Why is this relevant?

Lots of people own stocks and would like to own real estate but can’t due to high initial costs. So how could this problem be remedied…..


Concrete REI

The new way to easily and safely invest into real estate.

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The Basics

What is Concrete REI?

Concrete REI gives its users the unique ability to have complete control of their capital while investing into real estate. With no minimum investments or commissions, you are free to invest into real estate with no limitations or hidden fees. Along with the assortment of properties that exist on the platform, ranging from residential to commercial, you reserve the right to sell the percentages of your investments whenever you want to – meaning that you aren’t tied to anything. Take the time to take control of where your own investments go.

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